Training Overview


The purpose of Multinail’s Training Program is to help develop the skills and knowledge of software users so they can perform their roles more effectively and efficiently.

Our Training Program is designed to cater for the individual requirements of fabricators as well as meeting current industry training requirements.

Current industry requirements mean that all software users of structural software programs (i.e. TrusSource, FrameSource and FloorSource) must be able to provide evidence to an approval authority (e.g. building certifier, project manager, etc.) that they have been trained to use the software and are capable of designing trusses, frames, beams and/or floors.

Multinail understands that every truss plant has unique requirements, and also understands that our software users have a diverse range of different backgrounds, experience, industry knowledge and existing software expertise. To cater for these differences, Multinail has developed a multi-levelled Training Plan for our fabricator end users.

Our Training Program is designed to cater for all levels of software users from participants with limited (or no) previous industry experience through to experienced estimators and senior detailers.

Multinail’s comprehensive training program covers basic theoretical industry knowledge derived from industry-standard training materials as well as using in-house truss, frame and floor detailing software units designed to cater for increasingly complex detailing scenarios. However, please note that this side of the training program is only basic and Multinail encourage and require software users to receive training on subjects such as building construction, building practices, and relevant Australian Standard from industry experts and industry training bodies to ensure that the software user fully understands the role of an estimator / detailer.